Since 2015, I have blogged for the American Mathematical Society at PhD + Epsilon.  Sara Malec of Hood College is also a contributor. A few of the posts:

I also blogged the Joint Mathematics Meetings in January (as I did in 2016).

Girls’ Angle Bulletin!

I am very happy to have contributed two articles to the Girls’ Angle Bulletin, a publication for math-interested girls in grades K-12.


Other Writing!

In grad school at Colorado State University, I was the research correspondent for the Rocky Mountain Collegian.  Here are some links to articles as they appeared in the paper.  I also wrote for the magazine at the University of Wyoming.



The Super Monday Buffet! was KRFC 88.9 FM Fort Collins‘ premier Monday afternoon music and call-in math puzzle show from 2008 through 2011.  It was so famous, it even had its own myspace, including a blog where I posted playlists and summarized the week’s math puzzle.  I eventually discontinued this when Spinitron made my playlists publicly accessible.  I was also very involved with a fabulous live music program on the station, Live @ Lunch.  My most recent radio venture was Math Mostly, a weekly math puzzle on WESU 881. FM Middletown.  The puzzle was a segment on the Wesleyan student produced show Somewhat Science and featured Jed Rendleman as my excellent student co-host. The puzzles from my blog posts are mostly from the show.  Here are a few links to some playlists from KRFC and a Live@Lunch podcast.

PS, this wasn’t radio, but I’ll just throw in a link to a Relatively Prime podcast, hosted and produced by Samuel Hansen, featuring me and several more accomplished math/media people talking about our approaches to communicating mathematics.