Velveteen Rabbit Syndrome

by malmskog

I was the kind of kid who felt really bad for neglecting any particular toy.  Maybe I should blame The Velveteen Rabbit, but I definitely thought my toys had feelings and I was very worried about hurting them.  I’m having those same feelings right now about this website.  I mean, I am old enough to know that websites don’t have feelings.  And I managed to let go of my Myspace page without any twinge of guilt.  But I have definitely been neglecting this blog in favor of PhD + Epsilon, the blog write for the American Mathematical Society.  They do pay me, after all, and those two posts pretty much scratch my blogging itch every month.  However, I did want to stop by here and at least say: check out my posts at PhD + Epsilon!

I guess I can add some more news, because there are many things that I haven’t written about there.  One exciting math thing that happened is that I was awarded an NSA Young Investigator grant to support some of my research for the next two years.  That is really exciting for me!  The support begins this summer and I hope get a good chunk of time to spend on some other neglected projects, a.k.a. some hard research problems.

Here are a few non-math related pictures:



30th Street Station #2: During the SEPTA Strike


30th Street Station #3: Protest, November 10, 2016


When I was growing up in Wyoming, my idea of “New Jersey” was basically “urban-suburban-industrial wasteland.”  Clearly I had no idea.  This is from the Jersey Shore back in September.


And here is a picture from my last trip back to Wyoming, which is still so dear to my heart. This is not the best picture, I admit, but I just love this truck, which is not mine (I just walk by it a lot). Maybe weirdly, looking at it now makes me homesick.