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Yes, I totally painted that chain rule picture.  Don't everyone order their print at once.

Yes, I totally painted that chain rule picture. 

Hello from my office at Villanova!  I just rearranged to more easily get my students at the blackboard, so look out students.  After being away so much this summer, it feels great to just sit at my office and work on the syllabus for my class.  Except I’m putting off working on the syllabus for a few more minutes to write here…  But I wanted to post here to let you know about my other blog life, which is really just starting today. I just made my introductory post as part of PhD + Epsilon, the early career blog sponsored by the American Mathematical Society.  I’ll be posting there every other week about early career life.  Sara Malec will do alternate weeks.  This blog was started 5 or so years ago by Adriana Salerno, so there is already a huge back catalog of great stuff there about pre-tenure math career issues, in which some of us are of course very interested.