Winter Break

Fall turns to winter in Connecticut

I love you, winter break.  I love to spend my days skiing, picking up my niece and nephew from school, sitting at my mom and dad’s kitchen table, and reading novels.  This is what I always picture when fall semester gets tough.  And wow, it’s really great.

Another thing that I picture, and has actually happened to some degree this break, is getting lots of math work done.  Paper revisions, talk writing, email, check.  Planning for next semester, semi-check.  Brand new math, not so much.  Maybe tomorrow?  Not likely.  Hmmm … kind of worried about when this part will happen.

Now that I voiced that anxious thought, I will get back to enjoying myself.  Time to pick up the kids.  Will write soon about my trip to the Joint Math Meetings in Boston last week.  In the meantime, here is a picture preview:

The donkey! One of the many statues I saw in Boston. The only statue I rode in Boston.