Beth Malmskog

Beth–The Missing Years


Okay, it’s just one year, but I don’t often get a chance to reference John Prine so there you go.  I said last time that I’d fill in some of the gaps since my last post with pictures, and somehow my computer’s feeling frisky enough to upload photos today.   I decided to post something from every month I missed.  Mostly math related but a few others just to show I have *some* other life.  Here goes.

January 2013:

My good friend and now CC colleague Rodney James at the 2013 Joint Meetings in San Diego.

Winter break cross country skiing with Mom, east of Laramie.


CC Tiger hockey! I think this was my first game, now I’m hooked.

Another math trip to Connecticut, another picture of the lego replica of Mark Twain’s house in the Hartford airport.


Accordion moments with my good friend Dee.


Colin visited in April, resulting in this colorful math explosion! It’s the action of F and V on the deRham cohomology of the Suzuki curve, in case you were wondering.


Excellent student presentations from my block 8 Calculus 3 class.


Super Moon from the Laramie airport as I flew out to Connecticut in June.

My cell phone text cheers to my collaborator Chris Rasmussen after a lot of hard work and major shifts of perspective on our project.


Women in Sage! This was an incredible week in Seattle working with really wonderful math women on the computer algebra system Sage. And oh, yeah, we cooked a hell of a lot of great food (thank you Alina and Michelle for taking charge in the kitchen).

View from the way to the top of Pike’s Peak. Had some good friends from my time at Wesleyan out for a visit at the end of July.


Relaxing with math friends after the Algebraic Curves and Applications workshop at the University of Calgary. Team USA got trounced at Darts by both Team Canada and Team Australia.


Back to school at CC. Snow on the peak already. This is the view form my office window, by the way.

Got to add this one from my block-break trip to Laramie, of Dad and his misbehaving bloodhound.


Hannah and Chidinma show off their trig sub skills. They kick ass at integrating! Now to go back to the original variables…

My friend Rachel and I at a CC Hockey game, taking a trial run with our Halloween costumes. Our friend Dee’s sister (see above for Dee) made these amazing Valkyrie hats by hand.

November (aka this month):

Middletown fall!

Boston public library, paying homage to the muse of Newton et al.

Lunch with the wonderful Billy Chan. He knows where to get all the best food (if by food you mean meat–do not ask for a vegetarian suggestion!). Excellent pho at Pho Boston in West Hartford (weird, right?).

Looking this over, a lot of this happened in the context of my work so I guess that means it’s pretty awesome being a math professor.