Hello Again from the Middletown Inn

by malmskog

I’m out in Connecticut working on some math with the wonderful Chris Rasmussen.  We started this great project when I was working out here and we keep making progress, but somehow the stunning conclusion just keeps getting further away.  It’s like watching Mad Men.  I mean, it seems to me that Don Draper has just got to fully collapse and/or be redeemed one of these days and the story will run out.  But no!  There he is again, drinking in the morning and eyeing another dame.  I keep thinking that these binary forms/s-unit equations/curves of genus 3 are just going to give it up and fall down dead under the weight of their rock and roll lifestyle.  However, they survive and somehow seem to thrive in their folly, suavely dodging all attempts to pin them fully down, somehow gaining my sympathy and drawing me back to Middletown again and again.  I guess this is somewhat less glamourous than a date with Don Draper, though come to think of it, maybe the better bargain.  

This is my way of easing back into this blog after nearly a year off (I am finding it hilarious/pathetic that my last blog entry was entitled “Reintroduction”).  It has of course been a big year and it would be too much to try to say much about it, except I can’t get my head around where all the time went.  I’m deep into my second year at Colorado College (which I love!) and now on my second house in Colorado Springs (I’m really good at moving these days).  Just before this trip I was in Fort Collins visiting Rachel Pries, along with Colin Weir.  Suzuki curve fever.  Also an excellent Halloween.  

Hmm, I was going to post some pictures but my poor computer has too much going on to open iphoto… I’m pushing this six year old computer to its edge and am taking my digital life in my hands every time I use it.  Yes, of course I backed everything up (four years ago).  So pictures will have to wait for next time while my computer cools down a bit.  But now that I’ve taken the edge off I hope to have another post soon.