Radio delay! And big news.

by malmskog

Ach!  There has been a technical issue with putting together today’s show, so my first puzzle won’t air until next week.  I’ll repost the puzzle next week.  Still, there will be a science show on WESU today at 2:30, and I’ll be listening to it!

The big news–I have accepted a job at Colorado College starting this fall.  It’s not tenure track, but it is a fairly long term visiting appointment.  I am really excited about it!  It was a tough decision to leave Wesleyan, which is really an incredibly great place to work.  My secret dream is to merge the two schools in to one, which would in my dream be conveniently located in a strange hybrid of San Francisco, Wyoming, New England, and Colorado.  I would also ride a horse to work in this dream.  Since that’s not going to happen anytime soon, I am thrilled to be moving closer to my family and to have the chance to work with the amazing faculty and students at CC.  Plus, Pike’s Peak is actually RIGHT THERE.  Seriously.  It’s stunningly beautiful.